Saturday, July 31, 2010

Drawings, The Way To Wear 'Em, and News

Here's the last of some of the stuff I've been sitting on. There's plenty more that's unfinished and will be posted down the road, so until then, you can sit tight with of these drawings and things. An assortment of inked linework and marker tomfoolery and a comic or something.
Plus, I'll mention some news bits down at the end of the post.

This is a journal comic that I did about a year ago. It was an assignment for my Illustration 3 course where we were supposed to take a piece of bristol or whatever material and had to illustrate what our day was like on August 27, 2009. The piece could be however long you wanted to be but was restricted to being 3 inches wide. Angela has her's posted over here. This is from Japanese 201. I hadn't studied enough over the summer, so..yeah.. it showed. Also, click to make it bigger so you can actually read it.

Just messing with some markers. They're Prismacolor so they didn't lay down to well. Or maybe I'm still not doing it right. I guess I should really start using that blender... Tried playing around with negative shapes, making her dress lineless.

Just a drawing of a skinny girl.

I drew this while still going to the U of A. I was looking for books that had period fashion and other bits on clothing in the 20th century and found this awesome book called The Way To Wear 'Em. Such a good book, if not for the awesome clothing it showed, the cartoons and drawings in it are phenomenal.

Oh wow! I was just looking up a link about the book, an image or anything, and discovered a copy on eBay. I guess the book was full of cartoons because it was a piece on the satire of fashion published by Punch, the British satire/humour magazine. Huh, very cool.
Anyway, I saw this one cartoon about these bohemians and their attire and decided I should probably get down to drawn before I spent more time poring over the book so I drew him. He was supposed to be bohemian but he looked like the Colonel with a crop.


It's not life-changing news, but informative updates to keep you in The Know.

So Angela and I made badges for our Chu Chu Chums blog. Little profile badges that you can read and learn things about us, and then click on and be whisked away to our respective blogs.

Speaking of Chu Chu Chums, we're still doing our exquisite corpse comic WHO NEEDS 'EM??? I finally posted the latest installment after...much thought and meditation on where to take the story. Yes.

Here's the latest one.

Be sure to follow through to the blog and read from the beginning if you're just jumping on. It won't take too long to get caught up.

ALSO! SPEAKING OF ANGELA! She has her Chum Bears for sale up on her Etsy. If you missed out on picking up one of her Bears at the Phoenix Comicon or saw them on her blog and have been dying to get one for yourself, now is your chance! Now is your time! Head on over to her Etsy and check out them Chums now! Y'know..before they're gone again.

And it looks like she might take custom requests, too? Huh! If you're interested in that, I would definitely contact her.

That's all for now!

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Ben H. Shapiro said...

SAM SAM SAM! This post should earn a few more awesome points. Hurry up and finish the comic! I want to see how this ends up.