Tuesday, December 28, 2010

feathers in the road

I have a few blank canvases sitting around waiting to be used, particularly two with the wonky dimensions of 12" x 24". Probably not wonky for most, but I'm not used to such dimensions.
I've tried working digitally again in hopes of building up those rusty crusty skills. This is fairly messy but it was just intended to be a study or sketch or whatever. Planning something that could make use of those wonky canvases. I was thinking I could try to do a quick thing like this every other day and then select the best from those to paint up, but we'll see how that goes. Like I said, I'm still pretty rusty and fairly crusty with the digital recently, so it may end up less frequent than every other day, but I'll try.

I still find more comfort with a pencil in my hand when drawing away, which had lead me to think that I'll need to find some way to join up digital and traditional, and produce some sort of perfect marriage between the two.

I am working on other stuff beside this need to improve my digital/art producing skills and make use of my neglected canvases. Still puttering away. I will make a post about what I am doing when I get to a good stopping point in the process.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

late autumnal reading

Two posts today! CRAZY.

A bit late since it's probably snowing for most. Maybe it'll remind you of when it wasn't so cold.

Thought I'd try out a textured brush, see how that faired.

Original linework is belowww.

frilly pearls

This was another fashiony piece I did around the same time as this one. I remembered it a week or so ago and finally got around to finishing it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

lookin' blue

Something that's something because it's something.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Robot Heart Kaiju Recap


I meant to post a blog before the signing event on Saturday, but it became a bit of a time crunch getting everything together. The only new things I displayed at the event were these awesome little pins I whipped up using art from "Cute Shoes," the comic I collaborated on with Angela for the Robot heart Kaiju anthology. Each pin sells for a dollar and is looking to find a place on your coat, your bag or in your heart. The pins can also be helpful in conversation if you are looking to find the right words, like when telling someone to slow down or are simply staggering about with your sentences. WAIT! Ah... They are incredibly helpful.

The signing.
It was pretty awesome. I got to see a lot of comics people I hadn't seen since the last big comic event, which I think was Phoenix Comicon, and catch up with them a bit. People like Eric Mengel, Denny Riccelli aka Dennmann, Madame M, and Jeff Pina. Not Thomas Healy, though. I see him every time I go to the comic shop, so we are pretty caught up. I also got to meet new people, namely Glen Curren, that I had only spoken with via Twitter! And I also saw a friend that I hadn't seen since high school, which was great! Good times indeed. It was definitely a great event filled with lots of meeting and greeting.

It was also awesome, because like I said in my previous post, it coincided with the big Godzilla birthday fest that the Mesa Atomic Comics was having. They played a marathon of Godzilla movies in the background, I think Vs. Mothra, Vs. Mecha-Godzilla, and the original Godzilla, so I was definitely entertained when things got slow. Also, birthday cake. Can't celebrate the birth of a giant monster that levels cities without cake.

Reflecting on myself and my prep, I think I psyched myself out a bit, which lead to only having the pins. I will try to be more nonchalant about it next time.

Oh...signing comic books? That I had a hand in making? Yeah. That's cool. I'll be there.

Seriously, though, I really want to thank Jeff and Thomas for giving Angela and me the opportunity to be apart of this awesome anthology with all of these dedicated comickers!! It really makes me want to up my gusto so that my first signing won't be my last. Thanks you guys! And thanks to those who made it to the event as well! It was great meeting you!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yeah. Ah...

As I mentioned a blog post or two ago, many, many weeks ago, Angela and I had collaborated on an awesome little six page comic that will be a part of a Phoenix, Arizona based comic anthology. We are going to be in the group's second anthology, Robot heart Kaiju, which will be released THIS SATURDAY!

The theme of this anthology obviously pertains to robots and monsters (kaiju is Japanese for monster). Our particular story is a goofy cute little love story called "Cute Shoes" starring the guy up above as the dashingly awkward, yet lovable, protagonist. Will he get the girl at the end??! Who knows.

It will be a big release event at the Atomic Comics Mesa Superstore (click through to their site for a map to the location) that will coincide with Godzilla's birthday and the huge birthday fest that the store puts on. The signing for Robot heart Kaiju will run from 12pm to 4pm, but copies may go sooner than you think, so be sure to get there early in order to secure a copy for yourself. When you get to the store, be on the look out for this awesome cover by Jeff Pina!!

Contributors will be not only be on hand to sign that fancy fresh copy of Robot heart Kaiju for you, but will also be displaying their cleverly crafted comics and wares that they have dedicated so very much time toward. So if you're looking to taste the local flavor, be sure to check out what they have to offer.

I will be on hand at the signing event, but Angela will unfortunately not be able to make it due to a prior commitment. To find out more about what's going on with her, be sure to check out her blog.
I will make another post soon that will give more details about what I am going to bring to the table this coming Saturday, so look out for that.

I really like how the first panel of the first page turned out, so I thought I would share it with you, maybe entice you a little more to pick up the book check out our story, as well as everyone else's.