Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Yeah. Ah...

As I mentioned a blog post or two ago, many, many weeks ago, Angela and I had collaborated on an awesome little six page comic that will be a part of a Phoenix, Arizona based comic anthology. We are going to be in the group's second anthology, Robot heart Kaiju, which will be released THIS SATURDAY!

The theme of this anthology obviously pertains to robots and monsters (kaiju is Japanese for monster). Our particular story is a goofy cute little love story called "Cute Shoes" starring the guy up above as the dashingly awkward, yet lovable, protagonist. Will he get the girl at the end??! Who knows.

It will be a big release event at the Atomic Comics Mesa Superstore (click through to their site for a map to the location) that will coincide with Godzilla's birthday and the huge birthday fest that the store puts on. The signing for Robot heart Kaiju will run from 12pm to 4pm, but copies may go sooner than you think, so be sure to get there early in order to secure a copy for yourself. When you get to the store, be on the look out for this awesome cover by Jeff Pina!!

Contributors will be not only be on hand to sign that fancy fresh copy of Robot heart Kaiju for you, but will also be displaying their cleverly crafted comics and wares that they have dedicated so very much time toward. So if you're looking to taste the local flavor, be sure to check out what they have to offer.

I will be on hand at the signing event, but Angela will unfortunately not be able to make it due to a prior commitment. To find out more about what's going on with her, be sure to check out her blog.
I will make another post soon that will give more details about what I am going to bring to the table this coming Saturday, so look out for that.

I really like how the first panel of the first page turned out, so I thought I would share it with you, maybe entice you a little more to pick up the book check out our story, as well as everyone else's.

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