Monday, December 6, 2010

Robot Heart Kaiju Recap


I meant to post a blog before the signing event on Saturday, but it became a bit of a time crunch getting everything together. The only new things I displayed at the event were these awesome little pins I whipped up using art from "Cute Shoes," the comic I collaborated on with Angela for the Robot heart Kaiju anthology. Each pin sells for a dollar and is looking to find a place on your coat, your bag or in your heart. The pins can also be helpful in conversation if you are looking to find the right words, like when telling someone to slow down or are simply staggering about with your sentences. WAIT! Ah... They are incredibly helpful.

The signing.
It was pretty awesome. I got to see a lot of comics people I hadn't seen since the last big comic event, which I think was Phoenix Comicon, and catch up with them a bit. People like Eric Mengel, Denny Riccelli aka Dennmann, Madame M, and Jeff Pina. Not Thomas Healy, though. I see him every time I go to the comic shop, so we are pretty caught up. I also got to meet new people, namely Glen Curren, that I had only spoken with via Twitter! And I also saw a friend that I hadn't seen since high school, which was great! Good times indeed. It was definitely a great event filled with lots of meeting and greeting.

It was also awesome, because like I said in my previous post, it coincided with the big Godzilla birthday fest that the Mesa Atomic Comics was having. They played a marathon of Godzilla movies in the background, I think Vs. Mothra, Vs. Mecha-Godzilla, and the original Godzilla, so I was definitely entertained when things got slow. Also, birthday cake. Can't celebrate the birth of a giant monster that levels cities without cake.

Reflecting on myself and my prep, I think I psyched myself out a bit, which lead to only having the pins. I will try to be more nonchalant about it next time.

Oh...signing comic books? That I had a hand in making? Yeah. That's cool. I'll be there.

Seriously, though, I really want to thank Jeff and Thomas for giving Angela and me the opportunity to be apart of this awesome anthology with all of these dedicated comickers!! It really makes me want to up my gusto so that my first signing won't be my last. Thanks you guys! And thanks to those who made it to the event as well! It was great meeting you!!

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