Thursday, August 20, 2009

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jeeze, it's been two months already!!

sorry, about that everyone...again...

like i said in the last post, i was away in Italy for a month long study abroad program, living and studying in the little city of Orvieto. i can do the trip no justice by simply saying that it was fun and exhilarating and a great life changing experience. i didn't journal about my experiences like my trip roommate/now awesome friend, Kyle Arthur, but i did my best to document it photographically. a photo essay of sorts. i've posted only a small fraction of my trip to my flickr account, but i plan to add more, as well as annotate the present photographs, soon. i'll also try to post pictures and small anecdotes here, too.

here's a link to the trip set: Orvieto (European) Trip

a big thing for me on the trip was i had my first moleskine to sketch in. it wasn't really a moleskine though...was labeled "A la Modeskine" on the tag on the back. but it's essentially the same thing. using it was a really great experience, trying to get myself to draw more often, draw what i saw, work pocket size. it was great!

i managed to post the sketchbook to my flickr and am attempting to post one of the images to my blog via flickr.
don't know if i'm doing it right... never done this before, but i'm sure i'll figure it out.

anyway, i'm currently working on some stuff and i've scanned a bunch of older (within the past year) drawings and sketches that i will dump on here soon.