Monday, July 26, 2010


Hey, Everyone. Kind of a let down. I know.

Well, it ended up that I was going to try and post stuff before going to Angela's awesome group art show (you can see her new pieces up on her blog HERE) but I didn't. And then try to post stuff last week. But I didn't. So. Oh well. I'll do my best to make up for that. So here is a post today. I would say look for a new post this Friday, but I don't want to get hopes up again. If it does show up, then it'll be a pleasant surprise for everyone! And I will try to continue the Friday posts then.

For now here are some drawings and things.

Some inking practice using a crow quill. I like the colors on this one.

Another lady in shorts. More could have been done with the background probably but I just ended up laying down some simple colors because I didn't want to post the black and white lines by itself figuring it'd be too boring or lacking.

These people were drawn around the same time as the gym people, but I just colored them up recently. Again, I colored them up rather than posting the linework, and posting them together in a single image makes me realize I didn't have nearly as much extra un-posted work as I had thought.

A gritty self portrait. I was feeling kinda ugly and down so, there you go. This was inked with a crow quill, too.

Little Bigfoot. I had a lot of fun playing with the trees, texturing them and the like. This was drawn with a crow quill

More crow quill practice, along with playing with coloring and layers. This one was pretty fun.

Also, I'm an Adamaholic.


get in here comics said...

Little Bigfoot is cool. I also like your ladies in short shorts.

GARZA said...

sweet drawings man! I really dig your eyes on the self portrait

Sam Spina said...

you make me want to try to use a crow quill! that last one kinda looks like starbuck from ballestar

sam laggren said...

Hey, thanks you guys!

Sam - yeah! crow quill can be pretty fun at times. they definitely can make some pretty interesting lines. also, haha yeah..maybe. i haven't actually seen any Battlestar, so i wouldn't know... :P