Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's been a pretty sad season, everyone.

I drew him this past week, was aware of what the theme was for Illustration Friday beforehand, but wasn't consciously drawing this for the theme. It fits though. soaked inside and out.

Makes me think of that Ernest movie where he's standing in the rain crying, singing "gee, I'm glad it's raining, so no one can see me crying." I think that happened in an Ernest movie...been so long since I've watched one.

Also, the texture used in this image was found at Lost and Taken, a marvelous site.


Sam Spina said...

sorry dude, it was nice seeing you though! hope you start feeling better soon. and that puddle is colored awewsomely

sam laggren said...

nah, it's cool, no need to be sorry. thanks tho. i really appreciate it. yeah, i hope i'll be out of this raincloud soon.
and thanks! the puddle was pretty tricky with all the different splashes going on.

zimra said...

Hi ! thanks for following me on twitter, I followed you here (new networks make us sound all like stalkers ^^;), and I love your art *o*
I hope you're feeling better !

sam laggren said...

zimra - Oh wow, thank you!! That's very nice of you to say! No problem following you on Twitter.(Thanks for following back, by the way!) I saw a link to it on your blog on deviantArt. I love your lines and designs and coloring! So good!! And your chibi peoples are so cute and gorgeous!
Ha, and thank you for the well wishing. I'm slowly getting better. :)

Jessica Smith said...

I love this sketche/illustration..keep up the great work! follow my blog please! thanks :)