Sunday, February 21, 2010


remember when Ben freaked out? no? well, he did. but he's not freaking out now, so he's okay.

after i saw he freaked out, i thought i'd freak out a bit, too. tried turning some instastress and tension into productive energy and made a reflective comic about my momentary woes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hourly Comic Day 20X

20X. that's the probably-not-new way of saying 2010.

oh man you guys. i did some hourly comics this year for Hourly Comic Day. February 1st was the official day, but i'm pretty sure you can make any day Hourly Comic Day if you wanted. you can find out more info about it here at the OFFICIAL SITE. and be sure to read John Campbell's comics on that site, too. the guy is crazy dedicated that he does it for the whole month of January as a big lead-in to Hourly Comic Day. crazy. but really good. read mine and then read those.

here are mine.

it felt like a slow, long day, but it was still pretty fun doing these. glad i did it again. yepyep.