Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it's time to

it's time to update. thats. that's what time it is.
jeeze...a month? i'm sorry.
it's been a while so it would be good if i did. just to get some fresh content up, add to the little i have right now, maybe keep those who've sort of been following this a little interested to continue following.

here are things that i made for my final portfolio exit interview for the VisCom program at U of A, stuff i touched up for that, and something i did that wasn't part of that.

these are a few character designs i had been playing with for the last project in my senior capstone. i had some others (i'll try to post those later) but they didn't seem to stick together as well as this group did. so i colored them up and pasted them together in Photoshop. starting to get used to the program's basic mechanisms, but could still stand to learn more about it. finished this up to use in my portfolio for my exit interview.

this is just the colored version of the Heads for Sale guy i posted a few entries back. not much else to say, other than i like how the colors turned out.

OH, and if anybody is interested, i was talking with my friend and she manged to help me out with screenprinting some shirts of just the straight inks of Heads for Sale. So, if anybody is interested in purchasing a shirt, let me know.
i'll post more on this in another entry, hopefully soon? with a better example of the art and the placement on the shirt and prices and everything.
just saying so i can get people excited and possibly interested in grabbing one.

i was playing around with some Stabilo pens, just playing with circles and working on drawing straight to pen. the fancy, hip new scarves a lot of people seem to wear nowadays. or maybe just scenesters? maybe. i'm out of the loop on trends most times. just remember this asian kid wearing one when he came into the coffee shop.
the circles were pretty challenging. not too used to just doing abstracted doodles or patterns or anything like that. need to work on that some more.
i included this in my portfolio as well. thought it was a fairly good piece, which my professors agreed upon, but thought it a bit too rough, so it'll be part of my rough, sketchy, process examples then. i guess? yeah, i'll go with that.

this was the irrelevant, just for fun piece. this was for Harvey James' sweet meme calling for Cat Girls in Hats that he busted out at the end of the activity week he hosted on his livejournal. was especially cool cuz he was nice enough to extend the deadline of the meme an extra week, so i whipped this out later that night after i finished up with my exit interview. i think it turned out pretty well. would maybe redo it or pick another catgirl to work with. might do that too..hmm.
but if you haven't seen it, you should definitely go over there because a lot of people turned out some awesome catgirl reinterpretations, including Harvey James himself.

i'm hoping i will be able to make at least one post in the next month, but if not expect an update from me in July. reason partly being that i recently graduated!


but...technically i'm not fully graduated....


yeah...i'm actually short two credits in an upperdivision VisCom course. most likely because of taking Japanese the past three or so semesters WHICH I DO NOT REGRET. that i'm short these credits.
so i'm going to be taking a summer course to make up for it, specifically taking advantage of the Orvieto Arizona in Italy study abroad program. i will be making books and working on picture book development in Italy! will be tons of fun. i also managed to score a flight to Paris during the three day weekend that takes place during the program, and will be hitting the town with Angela. wooooooooooooo.
will definitely be coming back with fancy French and Italian things, along with plenty of comics and pictures.

like i said, i will do my best to update during the program, but if i fail to do so...expect another large lag in my updating..hahah...ehh...and i will be starting up a more consistent posting schedule in July.
so until then! have a good summer/winter!!