Saturday, December 13, 2008

illustration 3 final

i haven't posted in forever. i'm sorry. hopefully i'll be better about these things. part of not having updated recently is because i wanted to edit some of the images a bit more before posting them. i also wanted to add a big ole' write up accompanying them to explain my process and thoughts. that's nice, but i shouldn't have to worry about that and should just let the image speak for themselves. i'll do my best to add a write up here and there, but i'll just leave it up to the images for the most part.

starting next post...
but i'll try to be a brief with this.

my Illustration 3 final, which was half of the course and the grade for the course, was a project we had to design ourselves. this proved to be pretty tough for me cuz there
was so much i wanted to do and couldn't narrow it down to anything at first. long story short, i ended up choosing something loosely focused around character design, so my Illustration professor suggested i should come up with three highly contrasted characters and set them in two highly contrasted settings. so here they are. one setting is playing video games where all the focus is on the screen and the other setting is school where the focus is everywhere and nowhere.

yep! and now that school is almost over, i'll focusing my attention on Super Mario Galaxy this winter so i can finally beat the damn thing. hooraay!