Tuesday, December 28, 2010

feathers in the road

I have a few blank canvases sitting around waiting to be used, particularly two with the wonky dimensions of 12" x 24". Probably not wonky for most, but I'm not used to such dimensions.
I've tried working digitally again in hopes of building up those rusty crusty skills. This is fairly messy but it was just intended to be a study or sketch or whatever. Planning something that could make use of those wonky canvases. I was thinking I could try to do a quick thing like this every other day and then select the best from those to paint up, but we'll see how that goes. Like I said, I'm still pretty rusty and fairly crusty with the digital recently, so it may end up less frequent than every other day, but I'll try.

I still find more comfort with a pencil in my hand when drawing away, which had lead me to think that I'll need to find some way to join up digital and traditional, and produce some sort of perfect marriage between the two.

I am working on other stuff beside this need to improve my digital/art producing skills and make use of my neglected canvases. Still puttering away. I will make a post about what I am doing when I get to a good stopping point in the process.


Ericka said...

Well to be all crusty rusty this turned out beautifully! Good luck with the plans.

Randall Nichols said...

Gotta second Ericka on this one. If this is crusty work, your polished stuff might melt out my eyes.

Really like this.

sam laggren said...

Belated thanks, Ericka and Randall!!!

Randall - Hahah thanks, the final stuff may turn out better, but I dunno if it'll go all Ark on your eyeballs.