Monday, November 23, 2009

Tall Tales!!

oh man, more shoooowwwsssss, you guys.

i have not seen Tall Tales before, nor have i heard of them before i did this keen flier for their December 5th show at The Trunk Space, but after having heard of them i went on over to their myspace and gave them a listen. and they are good. they are like a....feistier Cat Stevens?

i am not sure, but i do like him. if you disagree with my music comparison let me know, because i need to increase my musical comparison skills for better recommendations.

anyway, here is that poster i made up for his show at The Trunk Space,

as well as a quarter page flier i whipped up right after for easier access.

and m
aybe some sketches to interest you?


Tawny said...

Sam! I love the coloring on the smaller one. Excellent use of the yellow ground - feels really cohesive. The bigger one, still a nice palette but because it doesn't engage with the yellow ground in the same way, it feels like the colors sit on top a bit more. With the smaller one, it feels like a part of it. Like the way slightly transparent screenprint inks look on paper. Very nice.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

This makes me smile. I love the yellow one.