Thursday, November 19, 2009

black and white dumppp

DUMMPITY DUMMPPPP here are some sketches and drawings and such that i've been meaning to post. bit of this and that. here and there. and everywhere that's on this blog.

Angela and i went to eat at Zachary's, this hole-in-the-wall pizza place in Tucson that serves some crazy good deepdish pizza but it's superheavy on the stomach, too. we felt like two-ton bloated pizza pigs after eating there, satisfied but full beyond belief.

back at Angela's house, i drew her with her laptop and she drew me as a throw rug.

reminds me of something from X-Files. Flukeman maybe? or the bactine bath guy?

i was looking at Sam McKenzie's stuff before i drew this. all tough and punk and black and white.

fancy and frilly.

this is a firepit i drew at Wild Horse Lake up in Flagstaff while on a campout with my brother and his Boy Scout troop.

pretty dots, pretty horns. i think i drew this with this girl Boum's work in mind. also trying to be more realistic and refined over cartoony.

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