Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sketches and a foto

i figured it would be good to try and stay consistent with posting, keep up the rhythm that was started up again by the last post. so here are some sketches of some animal-y people.
i was originally thinking this blog should be used for finalized, professional-type pieces, but whatever. i think using it as a housing unit for ideas, in-progress, sketches, fotos, whatever, as well as finalized, would be best. i can save all of the finalized stuff for a website or portfolio unit.

but enough of that.

here's Chevre from Animal Crossing (Wild World, specifically).

she's my favorite character, or at least favorite in my village so far. hope neither she nor anybody else has moved away. haven't played in a few weeks. eeshh....

and here's Carl the Lumberjack Elephant. my co-worker/friend Rian from the cafe said i should draw him, so i did. good call on everyone's part. i think he turned out pretty awesomely.

i discovered Carlos Nine's work last semester and had the need to draw an anthropomorphic/superdeformed woman, so that's where this bunny lady came from.

Bryan Lee O' Malley held a contest earlier this spring for people who couldn't make it to New York for the midnight release of Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5 so they would have a chance to win the sweet stuff the New York people had a chance to pick up. For the contest, people had to submit an image that was clever, funny, cute or whatever would most likely snag them the prize. it also had to show a plausible reason why they couldn't make it out to the New York release, including some sort of local landmark to signify that. I was in Tucson during the release and couldn't think of any interesting landmarks since i'm not too familiar with the city, so I teamed up with my friend Toby, who's a native, to take pictures for the contest.

we didn't win. which is okay, i guess. it was still pretty fun.

you can check out this image, as well as Toby's, over here in Mal's flickr set.


Amy said...

I love Carl, the vegetarian lumberjack elephant!

If you make more posts, I'll leave more comments =D

Rian said...

you called me "coworker/friend"
Im your friend
who only gets to work with you 2 more times.....