Sunday, April 12, 2009

fixed spots

i fixed up two of the three spot illustrations for the juried VisCom show U of A had last week/weekend. it's an annual event that spans a week with 2 days for submitting pieces, 1 day for alumni lectures/same day for them to judge pieces, and then the opening of the show the next day, which also features an awards ceremony.
this was the first year i actually got something into the show, so that makes me 1 for 3 in submitting pieces to it. i submitted 7 but managed to get 1 in, so that's pretty..decent. yeah. good to think positive because some people didn't get in, so there's a brightside.
the piece i submitted also won bronze in character design so that was pretty awesome, too. hoooraay!

this year was kind of depressing for the event because it didn't seem like as many people from this year's graduating class cared about going to the lectures, the show opening/award ceremony, or the dinner that followed like last year's group of seniors did. very discouraging on my class's part. sad face all the way -> :C

anyhoo, here are the touched up spot illustrations, improved upon from last time.

the articles i used for this spot illustration exercise can be found here:
The President Will See You Now
Fetal Foreclosure
Stop Whining About Facebook's Redesign

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