Friday, February 27, 2009

Hourly Comics 09

these are comics i did for Hourly Comics Day which was on February 1st. pretty bad since it's almost a month later, but like i said i'm going to be better about posting more regularly.

anyway, i thought John Campbell was the one who invented Hourly Comics but a friend informed me that someone most likely came up with it before him. i now feel as though i've been spreading lies, telling everyone of his greatness due to this wonderful invention. either way, he made them more popular with his annual event which is still a pretty great thing.
if you haven't read his comics you should check them out. and if you haven't read anybody else's comics from the event then you should too, which you can do by following the links i placed above. they will lead you through a maze of bewonderment until you come upon your final destination of The Forum where a bunch of people posted theirs.

and if you haven't read my comics yet, well...just take a look below.

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