Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heads for Sale

wow. it has been way too long since i last updated my blog. i'm sorry everyone. i'm sorry blog. i'll do better this year, starting with this month.
and this image.

this is something i came up with for my resume for my illustration capstone. it's supposed to be like Caps for Sale, but instead it's "Heads for Sale". I've been drawing lots of faces recently and thought it would be best to make use of them this way. and here's an extra image i'm posting. was going to try and whip up a tshirt design for the Japanese Association at the university, but i didn't make the deadline in time. think i might try to reuse him for a shirt design or something. loosely influenced by Powerpuff Girls. y'know...that one episode where they had that giant mech and had to fight some monster similar to this. was a really awesome episode.

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kiwimomo said...

these are so cool!! I love all of your heads!! annnd you're going to use your monster to print on shirts and stuff right?? I'd totally wear them~ hahhh