Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cat's Don't Dance


MUSIC for your EARS in the NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Misses Ellen Sunday And Her Fantastic Cats will be swinging round The Trunk Space to rustle up some good times, some trouble and some fun!! they are a sweet Acoustic/Bluegrass/Crunk/Western Swing band hailing from Baltimore!!

this'll be happening on Monday January 4th IN THE YEAR 2010!!

but if you are reading this and are chilling in Tucson, they will be hitting up Dry River the day before, January 3rd IN THE YEAR 2010!!

and if you're somewhere that is not Arizona!!...you'll have to check their myspace to see where else they will be playing on their tour...sorry. :X

also playing at The Trunk Space that night will be local acts Haymarket Squares and Tierra Del Fuego!!!

for more info, check out the poster i did belowwww.

or maybe this pocket-sized, portable flier instead?

and some sketches for f


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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

whoa sam. these are neat. you should check out the entry i posted a few days ago with the link to the 50 amazing gig posters. i feel like anytime you design a flyer, i could see it making that list in the future. neat stuff, dude. keep it up.