Sunday, September 7, 2008


yep! this time with my friend Jed. (usually i use iscribble with Angela. i'll have to post those soon.)

did this with Jed last night (090608) and i really like how it turned out. i was feeling pretty loose and ready to draw so you could see that in my barbarian girl. i had the idea that we should draw our significant others all beefy and amazonic, but i guess we took a more barbarian approach on this one.
he drew up his wife, Belem, with the awesome skirt and Xena-influenced outfit. i really like how he did the detailing on her, too, as well as the axe. pixel art is really awesome when done well.
i drew up my girlfriend, Angela, as the barbarian on the right. i was going with this one pose that wasn't work and decided to change it up and trade out her other hammer for her mom's dog Momo. i thought she turned out pretty well over all. tried to make sure i got her face and hair down, as well as her long torso. thought hammer was pretty sweet, too.
i had her saying that she'd kill me for drawing her like this because during the summer i was showing a coworker my sketchbook and she was saying that i should draw Angela like some of the muscular women i had been drawing. i told Angela about that and she was all like "NOOOOOOOOoooo. Don't draw me like that!!" so i thought it'd be interesting to try drawing her like that anyway, and brought it up to Jed who liked it and went along with it when we were iscribbling.
it was funny though, because i thought she would freak out when i showed her today, but she said she really liked it. (only cuz she didn't recognize it as herself. makes sense.) i told her i wouldn't spell it out for her but then i told her anyway and she was all like "WAHH?" but she just laughed and said she still liked it. thought it was funny that i included Momo and all that.
wasn't as bad as i thought!!

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