Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jams with Jed

i was talking with Jed on msn and said i'd be willing to do some warm up sketches with him since i needed to warm up a bit more, too. he sent me a scan of sketch he just did and i worked off of that.

this was his. ^
these were mind. v

this was supposed to be the couple going to someone's place to look at a car after seeing an ad in the magazine. apparently the gentleman's really skilled with his words.

with this one, the couple saw the amusement park had a new ride that looked tempting but it wasn't as fun as the guy hoped.

man, i really need to draw more autos.

1 comment:

kiwimomo said...

Cool! ~Looked like you had fun! I hope you do more jams with Jed! ahaha... I reaaallly like the facial expressions--- gives your figures so much life. I hope we do some more jams too, hehe~ yeahhh~!!